The tramway of Valenciennes is a real interurban system, probably the best example for a trend of second generation interurban tramway lines now built or planned in many other French cities. It could get this role because of the polycentric structure of the conurbation of Valenciennes, with only some 45,000 inhabitants in the main locality, but 400,000 in the urban region. Approximately half of the line uses the alignment of an ancient railway line.


1 Denain - Université (18,3 km)


16/06/2006   1 Dutemple - Université (9,5 km)
31/08/2007   1 Dutemple - Denain (8,8 km)


2 Anzin - Vieux-Condé (13/12/2013)

Rolling Stock

21 Citadis 302 for line 1, delivered as from 2005
7 Citadis 302 for future line 2, delivered as from 2012


Transvilles -
Syndicat intercommunal pour les transports urbains de la région de Valenciennes -


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